Education software for infant who learns by simple mouse operation
DownLoad Version 3.2 Free to try (Level limited trial)

Kind of license

5$ discount campaign has already ended. (to 2009.12.31)

【Single License】

1License(Single User License) $15
The license of the Mac version and the Windows version becomes another. It is necessary to buy another license respectively.

【School License】

●Install unlimited (in school) $150
School License for an organization.
A user can install it in innumerable PCs in an organization. I offer it at a price equivalent to 10 licenses

Purchase by PayPal

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  Macintosh Windows
KidsMouse 3
Single License ( $15/1license)

  Macintosh Windows
KidsMouse 3
School License ($150/Unlimited)

Get a license key
After purchasing by PayPal, license key will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

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After a remittance by paypal, When there is not an email even if it pass more than 3days, Please contact me by an email