About purchase

- Are there what method of how to buy?
Payment that uses paypal can be done.

- Can the license key to the Mac version be used even in the Windows version?
The license of the Mac version and the Windows version becomes another. It is necessary to buy another license respectively.

- Is the issue of the receipt possible?
I will not issue the receipt. The receipt of dealings is transmitted from PayPal with mail.

- The mail of the license key doesn't come though it paid.
After payment is confirmed, mail that describes the license key is usually transmitted within 24 hours.
There is a possibility of the misentry in the mail address when mail will not come in 24 hours or more.
Please contact the site such as after it confirms it.

- I make a mistake in the version of OS and have bought it.
Please inquire.

KidsMouse Ver.3

- Can the license for version 2 be used?
KidsMouse3 cannot use the license key before Ver2.x.

Download KidsMouse for Windows Ver 2.6.2 KidsMouse_w.zip(2.4MB)

System Requ. Windows 98/Windows Me/Windows 2000/Windows XP

Trouble when using it

- I forgot the license key.
Please inquire.

- When the button of the main menu screen is selected, the screen is all white.
It is not possible to play a game even if the button of the main menu screen is pushed when the file in the folder is moved or the file name is changed.

- Every time, when starting, the input of the license key is requested.
Please confirm the following matters.Click the right button, and please display a setting screen.
Please do Local Storage than 10KB.


- Can software be installed in two or more personal computers when using it at the school?
It is necessary to buy the license key for the number of the personal computer that installs it. There is profitable School License of an unrestricted installation in the organization.